Premium quality pet food for chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and rats

Peters Pure Animal Foods has been manufacturing and supplying pet food for chickens and small animals for over 30 years. We love pets and aim to produce high quality, nutritious foods and products that will keep your pets happy and healthy.

Caring for pet rabbits 1400 x 630

Food and products for chickens and small pets





Food, treats and hay for small pets Rabbit

Guinea Pig

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Food, treats and hay for small pets Mouse


Food, treats and hay for small pets Rat


Food, treats and hay for small pets bird

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Why eating hay is essential for rabbits

Did you know that a rabbit’s diet should be at least 75% hay? Hay is the most important food in a pet rabbit’s diet. A good rule of thumb is that rabbits should eat... 

Eating hay is essential for rabbits

Customer Reviews


My feathered ladies devoured their bowl of porridge quick smart and wanted more.

Heather R

A nourishing porridge meal supplement for hens

Peters Porridge For Poultry

What a great idea! Fast and easy to make up for my two ISA girls.

Bob J

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