Peters About Us (1)

Trusted by pet owners for over 30 years

Peters Pure Animal Foods has been manufacturing and supplying pet food for poultry and small animals for over 30 years. We love pets and aim to produce high quality, nutritious foods and products that will keep your pets healthy and happy.

We source only premium quality ingredients from trusted growers and
suppliers to produce our wide range of pet foods, supplements, treats, straw and bedding. 

Our manufacturing processes comply with Quality Assurance standards established by the national supermarkets and commercial animal feed producers.

Our high quality products are stocked by national supermarket chains and specialty pet and produce retailers throughout Australia.

Peters is an industry leader in product innovation and development. We offer pet owners the widest range of foods, supplements, treats, straw and bedding for pet guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and rats.

Our poultry range includes foods specially formulated for each stage of the growth cycle plus supplements to keep your chickens healthy and happy.

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