Fruit Crunchy Bar

Product Description

Peters Fruit Crunchy Bars are tasty treats made from crunchy grains and seeds and dried tropical fruits for pet rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats to enjoy. Hang a Fruit Crunchy Bar on the side of the hutch to entice your pet to reach up and nibble it. Helps to keep your pet active and stimulated when confined to the enclosure. The wooden core is made from renewable forest timber and is safe to chew. Suitable for all breeds of adult rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats. Feed Peters Fruit Crunchy Bars as a supplement to your pet’s main diet.

Sizes Available


Wheat, Sorghum, Black sunflower seed, Crushed maize, Oats, Extruded cereal pieces, Dried banana chips, Sultanas and/or Raisins, Paw paw, Pineapple, Colours.