Peters Munch and Crunch Banquet

Product Description

Give your furry friend a healthy and tasty diet with Peters Munch & Crunch Banquet Pet Food. Packed with a delicious blend of grains and cereal puffs, carob and faba beans and leafy lucerne, this feed is the ideal mix for rabbits and guinea pigs to forage through and enjoy.

Sizes Available

4kg, 10kg

Pellets (containing Wheaten bran and pollard, Lupins, Barley, Lucerne, Clover, Lignin, Canola, Triticale, Lentils, Oats, Peas, Beans, Soya, Sunflower, Grape and products derived from those ingredients, Bentonite, Limestone, Dicalcium phosphate, Salt, Vitamins and Minerals), Wheat, Oats, Sunflower seed, Crushed lupins, Extruded cereal pieces, Lucerne chaff, Faba beans, Flaked maize, Carob, Vegetable oil and Colours.