Bikkies – 120g

Deliciously indulgent biscuit treats for guinea pigs and rabbits.

Indulgent, yummy and nutritious

Peters Bikkies are deliciously indulgent treats for guinea pigs and rabbits. Elderberry, apple and orange pieces are blended with golden maize to make a crunchy biscuit.

Every Peters Bikkies pack contains 3 scrumptious toppings:

  • Pepitas – packed with protein and vitamin E
  • Carrot chips – high in vitamin A and naturally sweet
  • Dried cranberries – high in antioxidants

Each delectable Bikkie will provide hours of nibbling pleasure for your pet.

Promotes dental health by helping to keep teeth trim

Rabbits’ and guinea pigs’ teeth grow constantly. While your pet is nibbling and gnawing contentedly on the delicious crunchy biscuits, the chewing action helps to keep their teeth trim.

Suitable for all breeds of adult guinea pigs and rabbits.

Feed Peters Bikkies to your pet as a supplement to the main diet.

Weight: 120g pack

Ingredients include:

Base: Flaked maize, Apple, Elderberry and Orange

Toppings: Carrot chips, Pepitas, Cranberries

Where to buy: Available at selected pet and produce stores


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