Dried Mealworms – 100g

A tasty treat and protein boost to help keep your backyard chickens healthy and strong. Insect-eating wild birds and lizards also enjoy eating them.

Product Benefits:

  • A tasty treat for poultry and insect-eating wild birds and lizards
  • High in protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and amino acids

A tasty treat for poultry and wild birds

Peters Dried Mealworms are a tasty treat enjoyed by all breeds of backyard chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, plus insect-eating wild birds and lizards. Certain species of pet fish such as Koi Carp may also enjoy them as a treat.

High in protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and amino acids

Chickens and poultry love to eat dried mealworms, which are rich in protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Protein is an essential part of a chicken’s diet. It can help young chickens grow and stay healthy and strong. Peters Dried Mealworms may also help to boost your chickens’ protein intake, particularly during moulting season.

Wild birds and poultry will love the delicious taste of Peters Dried Mealworms a special treat for your feathered friends. Feed Peters Dried Mealworms as a treat or as a high protein supplement to the main diet.

Weight: 100g pack

Ingredient: Dried mealworms (the larvae of Tenebrio molitor beetles)

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein (min) 50.0%
  • Crude Fat (min) 25.0%
  • Crude Fibre (max) 6.0%

Where to buy: Available at selected supermarkets, pet and produce stores.

How to feed your pet chickens Peters Dried Mealworms:

As dried mealworms are a rich source of protein and nutrients, just a small handful of mealworms (around 10 per chicken) is enough to provide a protein boost.

Feed your chickens by placing the mealworms in a feeder in the hen house or sprinkle them on the grass for your hens to peck. You can also try hand feeding them to your favourite feathered friends. Provide fresh water to aid digestion.

How to feed wild birds Peters Dried Mealworms:

For wild birds, simply place the mealworms in a bird feeder in the garden.

How to feed insect eating reptiles Peters Dried Mealworms:

Insect-eating reptiles such as the bearded dragon, blue tongued lizard and the stumpy tailed lizard enjoy snacking on dried mealworms.

Feeding tip: add a drop of vegetable oil to the dried mealworms prior to feeding. The oil makes the insects shimmer and appear to move which will attract your pet. Provide fresh water to aid digestion.

How to feed fish Peters Dried Mealworms:

Certain species of fish such as Koi Carp may enjoy dried mealworms as a treat. Sprinkle whole or break the dried mealworms into smaller pieces.

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