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Foragers Feast – 1kg

A premium food for pet rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats with 12 tasty, nutritious ingredients.

Product Benefits:

  • Premium food for pet rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats with 12 tasty, nutritious ingredients
  • Great tasting food in fun shapes and textures
  • Encourages natural foraging behaviour
  • Keeps teeth trim and healthy

Premium food for pet rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats with 12 tasty, nutritious ingredients

Peters Foragers Feast is a premium food that pet rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats will love. There are 12 tasty and nutritious ingredients including cereals, legumes, flaked maize, sunflower seeds and banana chips.

Encourage natural foraging behaviour

Pet rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats are natural foragers which means they enjoy searching for their food and finding tasty bits to nibble. The 12 delicious ingredients are specially selected to encourage your pets’ natural foraging behaviour. You can hide bits of food in their enclosure for them to find and enjoy.

Food in fun shapes and textures with great taste

Foragers Feast comes in many shapes, sizes, tastes and textures. Your pet will love exploring and discovering them!

Keep teeth trim and healthy

While your pet is nibbling and gnawing contentedly on the crunchy, tasty morsels, the chewing action helps to keep teeth trim!

Suitable for all breeds of adult guinea pigs and rabbits, mice and rats.

Weight: 1kg pack

Ingredients include:

Pellets (containing finely ground cereals and legumes), Extruded cereal pieces, Flaked maize, Sunflower seed, Lupins, Faba beans, Banana chips, Barley meal, Wheat grit, Soya, Beet pulp, Carrot, Vegetable oil, Colours and Antioxidant.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein (min) 14.5%
  • Crude Fat (min) 6.0%
  • Crude Fibre (max) 9.0%
  • Salt (NaCl) (max) 0.5%
  • Calcium (max) 0.6%
  • Phosphorus (min) 0.3%

Where to buy: Available at selected supermarkets

How to feed your pet Peters Foragers Feast:

The amount to feed will depend on the size and age of your pet. A guide to the daily intake for each pet is set out below:

  • a mouse will eat approximately 5-10 grams per day
  • a rat will eat approximately 20-30 grams per day
  • a guinea pig will eat approximately 25-50 grams per day
  • a rabbit will eat approximately 50-100 grams per day

The needs of individual pets may vary, so weight and wellbeing should be regularly monitored.

Guinea pigs and rabbits need high levels of fibre in their diets for healthy digestion and to keep teeth trim. Hay is a source of essential long-strand fibre and should comprise 75% of your pet’s daily diet.

We recommend feeding Peters Foragers Feast with Peters Pasture Hay, Oaten Hay, Timothy Hay or Timothy & Rye. Daily feeding will vary depending on your pet’s size and age. Allow your pet unlimited access to the hay for constant grazing.

Provide fresh fruit and vegetables, clean bedding and fresh drinking water each day.

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