Hay Hut – Medium

A fun, edible activity centre for your pet guinea pig and small rabbits.

Product Benefits:

  • Awesome, fun and stimulating activity centre
  • Completely edible
  • Provides shelter and comfort
  • Add your own finishing touches to the hut!

Awesome, fun and stimulating activity centre

Peters Hay Hut is an awesome activity centre for your pet. It will give your pet hours of fun sheltering inside, exercise by climbing and stimulation through exploring, chewing and eating!

Completely edible

The Hay Hut is made from pressed wood fibre and coated in a tasty mix of alfalfa and oaten hay (a favourite of pets), so it’s completely edible. When your pet feels creative, it can renovate its Hay Hut by nibbling extra doors and windows.

Provides shelter and comfort

Sheltering inside its Hay Hut, your pet will feel snug and secure – or brave and invincible when climbing on the roof. You can add some straw inside the hut for extra comfort and warmth too.

Add your own finishing touches to the hut!

For some extra fun for your pet, you can get creative and help them renovate and decorate their hut. Add a feature hole in the roof or wall and slot in a vegetable or favourite treat for your pet to nibble. How about some frilly lettuce curtains?

Place a Peters Hay Hut in your pet’s enclosure for exercise, comfort and fun!

Suitable for all breeds of guinea pigs and small rabbits.

Size: L290mm x W190mm x H175mm

Also available in 2 other sizes:

  • Small (L180mm x W100mm x H110mm) for mice and rats
  • Large (L410mm x W285mm x H210mm) for rabbits

Ingredients include:

Pressed wood fibre, Alfalfa hay, Oaten hay, Plant based binding agent.

Where to buy: Available at selected pet and produce stores

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