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Premium quality food and products for chickens and small pets

Great quality ingredients means happy and healthy pets. That's why we source premium quality ingredients from trusted farmers and growers to make products your pets will love. Our nutritious and delicious range of food, hay, supplements and treats will delight your pet chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and rats. 

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Food, treats and hay for small pets Rabbit

Guinea Pig

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Food, treats and hay for small pets Mouse


Food, treats and hay for small pets Rat


Food, treats and hay for small pets bird

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Why eating hay is essential for rabbits

Did you know that a rabbit’s diet should be at least 75% hay? Hay is the most important food in a pet rabbit’s diet. A good rule of thumb is that rabbits should eat their own body size in clean hay every day. That seems like a lot of hay doesn’t it? But there’s a very good reason why rabbits need to eat so much hay.

Eating hay is essential for rabbits

Customer Reviews


I've been feed my chooks the Free Range Poultry mix for years.

Jamie F

New crumbles and pellets for pet chickens!


The Chick Crumbles were perfect for my week old Orpington chicks. Can't wait to try the Grower Pellets next!

Derrick A

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