Want the best eggs?

If you want the best eggs from your chickens, you need to give them the right feed.

Choose the right feed!

Peters Free Range Poultry Mix supplies all the dietary requirements for your chickens to lay rich, golden eggs that not only taste great, but are nutritious and healthy for your family.

Peters is the Healthy Choice

Peters Free Range Poultry Mix is a delicious blend of whole and cracked grains chock full of energy and protein with added vitamins and minerals.

But it’s what we leave out that makes our food so much better... Peters Free Range Poultry Mix is free of artificial colours, flavours, antibiotics and growth hormones. Nor does it contain animal by-products such as meat and bone meal that are commonly used in pellet feeds to supply protein. The lupins and peas in our Mix supply all the natural vegetable protein that your poultry need.

By feeding your poultry a natural, healthy food like Peters Free Range Poultry Mix, your birds will produce natural, healthy eggs – eggs that taste great and are good for you and your family.

Peters is the Free Range Choice

Peters Free Range Poultry Mix is the perfect diet for backyard free range poultry. Your birds will select the ingredients that meet their individual nutritional requirements for energy, protein and calcium. These needs may vary each day depending upon factors such as access to the backyard to select grasses, insects and worms, the weather, as well as breed, age, laying and malting cycles.

Peters Free Range Poultry Mix is a free-choice diet – each bird chooses the ingredients it needs to achieve the nutritional intake that best suits it. With other feeds such as pellets, only ‘the average’ bird is catered for, which of course means that some birds may be overfed and others underfed crucial nutrients.

Peters is the Economical Choice

Peters Free Range Poultry Mix saves you money. Poultry obtain more energy from food that has been minimally processed. The whole and cracked grains in Peters Free Range Poultry Mix have a higher nutritional quality than the ingredients used in pellets and so less food is needed. Pellets are forced consumption and may result in food wastage and inefficient production.

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Healthy birds produce healthy eggs

Give your chickens the best!

Peters Free Range Poultry Mix is a balanced diet formulated to provide all the nutritional requirements to keep your poultry healthy and happy.

Your chickens’ health is also influenced by the environment they live in. You can create a ‘free range’ environment in your backyard by allowing your chickens to roam outside to forage, eating grass and fresh plant vegetation and by providing clean housing at night for comfort and protection from predators.

Plus here are a few tips for some extra loving care...

Fresh Greens

Where possible provide additional fresh greens such as grass, lucerne hay, leaves of silver-beet, lettuce, cabbage and root crops for additional sources of pigment. Ducks, geese and turkeys all require an ample supply of fresh green feed. Remove uneaten green feed each night as the spoiled food can cause digestive disorders or diarrhoea which may result in a loss of egg production.

Shell Grit

Shell grit is especially important for laying hens as it provides important calcium for healthy bones and to strengthen egg shells. Supply shell grit in a separate container.

Disease Control

Feeding whole grains helps to develop an active gizzard and may reduce susceptibility to coccidiosis.

Antisocial Behaviour

Peters Free Range Poultry Mix takes longer to consume and digest than pellets. The increased feeding time (and the interesting variety of the food) helps reduce the boredom factor when chickens are kept in an enclosure. Reduced boredom helps inhibit anti-social behaviour such as feather and vent pecking or egg eating.

Fresh Water

Supply fresh water daily and provide extra water in hot weather. Chickens, guinea fowl and turkeys should be fed from a raised container. Ducks and geese require a flat water basin so they can immerse their heads fully.

Free Range Poultry Mix

Easy introduction

Peters Free Range Poultry Mix is suitable for all breeds
of chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. It may be introduced from 8-10 weeks of age.

Supply approximately 100 grams per day to each adult laying chicken. (Larger breeds of poultry may require double that of chickens).

Peters Free Range Poultry Mix contains:

  • crushed peas and lupins – a natural source of plant protein
  • wheat, sorghum and crushed maize – for energy
  • lucerne – for fibre
  • black sunflower seeds – a natural source of oil for feathers and linoleic acid to improve egg size
  • crushed maize and lucerne – for Vitamin A and good natural yolk colour
  • salt – a source of sodium and chloride essential to general health and production
  • shell grit as a source of calcium for bone and egg shell development
  • dicalcium phosphate – a source of calcium and phosphorus
  • vitamin and mineral pre-mix – to ensure a balanced diet (Vitamin A, D3, E, K3, riboflavin (B2), pantothenic acid, niacin, folic acid, B12, manganese, zinc, iron, copper, iodine, selenium and anti-oxidant)

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